SIG Young Cadre Party Spirit Education Training (Cohort 1) Completed

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On March 22, 2019 SIG Young Cadre Party Spirit Education Training (Cohort 1) was wrapped up at the Party School of Shanghai Committee of C.P.C. Wu Jun, Member of the CPC SIG Committee and Secretary for the Discipline Inspection Commission, Shanghai International Group (SIG) attended the completion ceremony and issued completion certificates to the trainees. Chen Zhenpeng, Member and Director of the Organization Department of the CPC SIG Committee presided over the completion ceremony.

1.5分彩The training opened on March 18 and ran for 5 days. Upon deliberation and decision by the CPC SIG Committee, the training was organized by SIG in association with the Party School of CPC Shanghai Committee. With the theme "Implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during his visit to China", the training offered 6 guiding reports, 2 on-site classes, 2 workshops and 1 multimedia class, organized the trainees to visit the site of the 1st CPC National Congress, Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Museum and other revolutionary bases, and organized the guidance on the writing of Party spirit analysis reports, democratic appraisal and mentor commenting, to enlighten the trainees and make them feel fresh. The training includes two cohorts every year and the first cohort was attended by 40 young cadres from the SIG system.

1.5分彩At the completion ceremony, the class committee reviewed the five-day training through videos which vividly displayed the trainees' efforts and gains. Four trainees delivered speeches on behalf of respective groups, reporting their learning and discussion results and training experience. They agreed that they had recognized the situation and tasks through the training which had broadened their thinking and vision, inspired their morale, and deepened their understanding on how to further cultivate their Party spirit to better serve the reform and development of SIG and Shanghai.

1.5分彩Wu congratulated all the trainees on successfully completing their studies, and expressed heartfelt thanks for the strong support of the Party School of Shanghai Committee of C.P.C. Based on his working experience, he interpreted and shared the "three new major tasks" assigned on Shanghai. He stressed that SIG's young cadres should constantly enhance learning initiative and sharpen skills in working and entrepreneurship; should strictly abide by Party discipline and set good examples for integrity and self-discipline; and should turn learning results into a working and practice guide, in an effort to become passionate, creative and responsible cadres in the new era.


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